Residual vein obstruction (RVO) is a potential risk factor for predicting VTE recurrence in patients with proximal events. On the other hand its role in patients with isolated distal deep vein thrombosis remain to be established. In a multicenter Italian study, the persistence of ultrasound detectable RVO is likely to occur less frequently in patients with proximal DVT treated with the DOACs than in patients treated with conventional anticoagulation. Conversely evidences on the recanalization rate and on its role as a potential predictor of VTE recurrence in patients with IDDVT are extremely limited. Furthermore, to date we have no any information on the persistence of RVO in IDDVT patients treated with DOACs Thus the aim of our study is to evaluate the rate of RVT at three to six months in patients with IDDVT treated with DOAC and to assess potential risk factors for RVO.


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