Chronic lymphoproliferative disorders (i.p. lymphomas) have the highest rate of VTE among hematological malignancies (HM). Therapy of VTE is a challenging issue in patients with HM due to the high incidence of thrombocytopenia with an increased risk of hemorrhagic complications and VTE recurrences. Guidelines for the prophylaxis and management of VTE in neoplastic hematological patients are lacking.We here propose a prospective multicenter non-interventional study to evaluate the safety of NOACS in patients with active chronic lymphoproliferative neoplasms and overt (at disease onset or progression) or expected (secondary to chemotherapy) stable mild to moderate thrombocytopenia. The primary objective of the proposed study is to evaluate the rates of bleeding and adverse drug reactions. Secondary outcomes include adherence to and discontinuation of NOACs, quality of life during treatment.


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