Anticoagulant therapy is the choice of treatment for the treatment of deep venous thrombosis. At the same time it is recommended for the patient to practice elastic compression therapy.
40 patients treated with the rivaroxaban ( 20mg or 15 mg) for more than 12 months were assigned. Of these 10 patients, approximately arbitrarily refused to practice elastocompressive therapy. The practical efficacy of thrombosis was compared between the ultrasaund (percentual resolution of trombosis).
The group treated with Rivaroxaban and wearing the elastic stock had on average a percentage resolution of approximately 88% of thrombosis, as opposed to 33% resolution obtained by patients who did not adhere to P <0.01 compression elastomer. However, there were significant differences between the groups. The dose of rivaroxaban does not significantly increase the thrombosis dissolution
Compression therapy should always be performed together with anticoagulant therapy. Our little observational study shows that patients who do not wear socks have slow healing.


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